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A social analytics platform for smarter commerce solutions

When providing customers with a personalized shopping experience, there is tremendous value in understanding and applying social data shared by those consumers. Understanding this data and how best to generate business value from it is the core challenge of many businesses today. Friends, family, and experts alike influence consumers in their shopping preferences and purchase decisions. Yet, the ability of a business to analyze data on such influence, and recommend products and services that best respond to its customers’ needs or aspirations, is typically limited by fragmented capabilities; a business relies heavily on the use of spreadsheets, manual market analysis, isolated software, or reactive messaging. This paper offers a solution to this fragmentary approach by introducing a social analytics platform for smarter commerce. This platform provides a holistic understanding of the customer by making use of social and enterprise data to present recommendations and related opinions, and to isolate influencers so as to ultimately provide customers with a personalized shopping experience. The functionality described in this paper is in the context of the retail industry but can be applied to other industries. The paper describes the architecture of the social analytics platform and the various analytics components currently implemented as part of the platform.

Social Operating Systems: Rise of the Socially Oriented Business

The popularity of social networking is growing exponentially as more and more people tap into platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN and LinkedIn. In business terms this is leading to the creation of Social Operating SystemsA” – combining the machinery of social networking and cloud computingA”. Social operating systems are digital spaces found on the Internet where people can come together for work and play 24 hours a day from almost anywhere in the world and have a major role to play in our society touching both consumers and business people. For consumers they become the place to go online to connect with friends and engage in social activities and communications. For business, social operating systems represent the next generation of enterprise computing technology – a computing platform that supports the systematic management and facilitation of human social relationships and interactions.

Social Media, The Internet of Things, And The Future of Public Health (A Report)

Focusing on data in Public Health, this report examines Big Data and other forms of primarily unstructured data that might be useful for Public Health, such as Tweets being used to predict outbreaks of the flu.

Creating Personal, Social, and Urban Awareness through Pervasive Computing

A new book that explores emerging research trends of pervasive computing, providing an overview of the theories, techniques, and practical applications related to the three dimensions of context awareness.

Facebook allows private chat with ‘Rooms’ app

The Facebook Creative Labs team rolled out Rooms today, a new stand-alone mobile app that’s designed to let people create small, topical watering holes on their mobile devices and then invite others to join. Josh Miller, who runs the project for Facebook, says the app was inspired by the forums, chat rooms, and communities of the early Web, but designed for the modern mobile era.

Moving Beyond Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement

Systems of record have matured to the point where there’s only a little strategic advantage to having your own unique capability. Instead, the discussion on strategic technology has shifted to the other 40% of what businesses in industrialized nations do: Knowledge work. These are highly variable, dynamic, and increasingly fast-moving processes that focus on the higher order activities of a business. Knowledge work involves high levels of communication and collaboration amongst the most valuable workers a company possesses. They are also represented in the most strategic activities taking place within an organization.

“Viral Marketing and Social Networks”

With examples of various companies’ viral campaigns, this focused book offers an in-depth look at viral marketing that includes a short overview of its history and evolution and provides a viral marketing toolkit while exploring the use of each tool in social media.