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What is the Social Platform?

In every way, the Social Platform improves how people interact in the digital domain“.

This is a project that connects people in ways that are more intuitive than is currently possible. This concept will grow increasingly popular as social networking becomes more commonplace and users become more comfortable interacting socially in cyberspace. The goal is to create a networking platform that consists of “social nodes”, each of which represents an aspect that naturally exists in a social graph, e.g. users, places, devices and informational aspects, such as messages (textual, audio, video), reminders, events and so on. Just think about the way we interact in society and the tools that we use to do so. The Social Platform lets us do the same using similar concepts but in cyberspace. In the Social Platform, people interact with other people using concepts that are natural to their chosen style of interaction, rather than by using methods that expose the underlying computing architecture. Whilst users may be familiar with these computational concepts, such as files, folders, (software) applications, devices, networks (the technical sort) and a myriad of social networking Web sites, they tend to add unnecessary complexity. Providing more natural concepts to connect and communicate allows for freer expression to share and interact.

The Social Platform is not simply a social network aggregator, whereby all messages, posts, blogs, pokes, invitations and tweets from all social networks are collated into a single view. The Social Platform will aggregate all of these things but this feature is secondary to the main goal, which is to promote social interaction over digital media as a first-class activity. The Social Platform brings coherence to every day computing tasks by promoting recognisable improvements in consistency between activities within the digital domain and actual life experiences. This is achieved whilst upholding core values of social interaction: privacy, integrity and reliability.

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