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Exploring Innovative and Successful Applications of Soft Computing

Providing potential results based on new trends in the development of soft computing services, this book aims to be a reference source for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in the most successful soft computing methods applied to recent problems.

ISBN: 9781466647855

On the Security of Trustee-Based Social Authentications

Recently, authenticating users with the help of their friends (i.e., trustee-based social authentication) has been shown to be a promising backup authentication mechanism. A user in this system is associated with a few trustees that were selected from the user’s friends. When the user wants to regain access to the account, the service provider sends different verification codes to the user’s trustees.

“Viral Marketing and Social Networks”

With examples of various companies’ viral campaigns, this focused book offers an in-depth look at viral marketing that includes a short overview of its history and evolution and provides a viral marketing toolkit while exploring the use of each tool in social media.