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The Crowdfunding Revolution: How to Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

This guide explains the ins and outs of raising investment capital by using social media technologies to draw small sums of money from an almost countless number of sources.

By Kevin Lawton and Dan Marom.

Beginning iOS Social Games

This book is for iPhone and iPad app developers looking to build iOS game apps that can network with other apps and social media like Facebook.

By Kyle Richter.

Social and Digital Entertainment Market and Forecast Analysis 2013 – 2018

This research analyzes the digital entertainment ecosystem and the profound impact of social networking including evaluation of the multiscreen role in business strategy. The report analyzes the market approach of ecosystem players with case study analysis. The report provides revenue forecasting analysis globally as well as regional and by country. The report also provides quantitative analysis of user engagement and interaction.

CROWDSENSING: The 1st International Workshop on Crowdsensing Methods, Techniques, and Applications

With phones in their pockets, millions of people have access to sensing, computation, and connectivity, making it possible to harness the power of the crowd to collect and share data about their surroundings and experiences on a massive scale. Crowdsensing is a novel data collection paradigm that leverages this vast mobile sensor network, making it possible to expand the scope of research endeavors and address civic issues. This new data collection paradigm introduces several research challenges, including the need for usable and transparent privacy controls, incentive mechanisms, and approaches that transform large-scale user-generated data sets into meaningful information. This workshop provides a forum for discussion, debate, and collaboration focused on ideas, trends, techniques, and recent advances in crowdsensing.


Capturing Big Data in Social and Detection Systems: Market Opportunities and Challenges 2013 – 2019

This report provides critical evaluation of the front-end of Big Data: capturing data from various sources. This report focuses specifically on social systems as well as obtaining data through sensing/detection with an emphasis on RFID.